The Shark Steam Mop S3501CO worked well for about 20 uses. It then just quit working or at least we thought it did. With the unit being plugged in for 2 minutes, it must have build up steam under high pressure. The unit literally exploded causing steam to escape from the seams. The unit was extremely hot to the touch.

I've read many similar complaints but have not seen a recall from this company. I reported the incident to the CPSC and recommend that everyone else does as well. Products like these should be pulled off the shelves until rendered safe. I also filed a complaint with UL labs, whom list the unit as safe.

We were lucky not to be injured unlike others.

Monetary Loss: $130.

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My Shark steam mop also exploded a couple of days ago.I had owned it about 8 to 10 months and had only used distilled water in it.

I was lifting it up from having just refilled it and so the steam reached my forearm but just barely; thank goodness. The sound scared me so bad though, I just about steamed myself :grin. I called the number on the Euro-Pro website and reached someone right away.

They confirmed there was no recall, but without any hesitation they initiated a replacement unit and sent me a pre-paid label for my mop.I'm not happy with what happened to my mop, but I have no complaints whatsoever with how prompt and courteous the customer service was.


I got a 3rd degree burn on my forearm yesterday...I plugged in the steam mop, I noticed it was leaving water on areas of my floor, so I bent over to touch the mop head and can't believe that I got burned when my arm touched the body of the machine.It was as hot as a *** element...I have missing skin from a broken blister and a blister above and below the missing skin...contacted Canadian Tire head office and was given a file number...they said they take injury reports very seriously...they also asked if I went to a doctor...I said, it's a burn with blisters...no I haven't...Anyways, tomorrow I should hear back from them...I did take photos...and I might go to a doctor because the burn hurts...maybe even just for documentation if i decided to file an injury suit...It's a deep burn and most likely I'll be scarred.

I did not improperly use this machine...had no previous problems before yesterday.If the body is that hot...and the floor mop head is cool...something is seriously wrong with this product!

to Creegal #1095390

Yes this all happened to me an explosion right in my face after only a couple of minutes of being plugged in!I was burned and went to the ER and have to see a specialist.

Ladylindan@gmail.com.My dogs were so terrified by the explosion that they will not go near it


Just thought i would let you all know that your so DUMB!

Obv if it is not steaming, dont put your hand where its most hot at.

Second thing is if your using tap water [if you have hard water]

It will obv have a clog , Take care of your unit instead of putting vinager into it wont help it at all. If it ever clogs make sure you TURN OFF your unit and then take a look at it, Call C/S THey can give you tips on how to help that.

*** i call them with the same problem with the no steam, Called them up and it started working again no biggy ! Still is working great.

Take the time to look at your machine to see if their is a clog in it. if you keep pumping it obv your going to break it.

Have a great day.

to Anon Saginaw, Michigan, United States #1097985

Listen ***, before you go calling people dumb maybe you should investigate what's really happening with these mops.I was mopping away when suddenly it exploded at the seams spewing boiling water on my legs and feet..

I only had it a few months and used it a handful of times, and only used distilled water in it.

I call the company and they tell me they have never heard of this happening.***.


The same thing happened to me after owning it for about 2 minutes. I bought it today at Kohl's and when I went to use it POP the head came right off. I am so unhappy!


I had the same thing happen to me.I found that the mop head had clogged and could not get rid of the steam.

I replaced the head but it leaks everywhere.:(


Same thing happened to me!I thought it was a fluke (burnt my hand, as I was bent over near the mop head, moving an item to mop under).

I let the mop cool down and used again the next day and for a few more weeks. Just turned it on to mop my kitchen and...KAPOW! It had been plugged in for about 20 seconds when it burst steam and water out the sides of the tank.

I jumped online to see if other were reporting the same problem.Looks like MANY are!


My experience was similar to ones mentioned above.I filled the mop with water, plugged it in and within a couple of minuted it made the most horrific sound and steam poured out if every seam of the mops housing.

I'm glad I only burned my fingers.

I'd only used the unit a handful of times.What a disappointment.


Mine exploded last weekend.It's summer so I had shorts on and the steam explosion burned my shin.

I have a 2-inch nasty-looking burn on my leg. Happily--it seared the surface of my skin but went no deeper. I was happy my toddler(who liked to push it!) was nowhere in sight.

A very, very dangerous product.Back to mops and rags fr me--they don't injure you.

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