We have used the single serve blender now for almost a year. An awesome product and very happy with it!

I used it today a chunk of the blade flew off and ended up in the bottom of the cup. We use these religiously everyday and either 2 times a day or 4 times a day. It is alternated. It has never been through the dishwasher or dropped.

If it had not had the poly carbonate blender cup it would have sliced right through it. I called customer service and was told the blade was not under warranty??? and that I would have to spend 19.99 plus s&h for a new now??? My husband got on the phone and asked to speak to a supervisor and after a few minutes was told the blade would be free and that all we would pay for is s&h.

This is fine but a huge concern of safety for other people out there. Be aware of what could possibly happen. This is surgical grade stainless and a blade flying apart spinning in use should not happen!!!!!! In our opinion, this should have been replaced for FREE with no hassles!!!!

This is a defect in materials. This has never been thru the dish washer and has not been dropped. I could see this happening if i tried to blend steel ball bearings, but our protein shakes and fruit smoothies?

Not pleased with the run around of "this is not covered under warranty", especially after spending the amount of money we did. Our old Oster blade lasted more than ten years and never broke apart blending the same things we use the Ninja for.

Monetary Loss: $5.

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